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Can you name the famous person or thing that share a common first or last name??

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Put these two togetherName Combination
Harvey Milk portrayer roots for Joe Paterno team in the Big 10
Titanic director thinks there is 'Something about Mary'
Jerry MaGuire takes a trip on Royal Caribbean
92 year old Christian evangelist snacks on these treats
Ex-British Prime Minister likes scary 1999 movie that is presented as a dcoumentary
New Miami Heat player is a Rebel without a Cause
Latest James Bond actor stays up late to see this TV comedian/host
Author of 'Eat, Pray, Love' laughs hysterically at this comedian with the raspy, grating voice
Pop singer with five octave range cheers on motocross racer still married to Pink
Indiana Jones Drives a mid-size SUV
Put these two togetherName Combination
NBC Nightly News anchor shops at fancy cooking store
Australian country singer roots for Florida Gators coach
Female singer who kissed a girl and who liked it watches fictional TV defense attorney played by Raymond Burr
British mystery writer is a fan of the Godfather of Soul
Country singer who started on American Idol still likes to send letters with the device that preceded the keyboard
Cincinnati Reds player stressed from betting allegations relaxes with this medicinal supplement or tea
American Idol judge sings 'I'll be there'
The Simple Life actress and daughter of Lionel reads comic books about this wealthy boy
TV Chef who suggests 30 minute meals reads Fahrenheit 451
Angelina Jolie's man has a penchant for vicious dogs

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