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Grove Street. Home
Good afternoon Balla dope pusha's
Stab outta here CJ
See you around, like a doughnut Carl.
Nothing is up Carl. Apart from my blood pressure.
Picture a pink golf ball in your mind.
Nice ride man, thats no carrucha.
Hey, wheres the coffee and doughnuts?
Im the voice of the people, like moses, only keepin' it real.
I cant F****** siwm you F****** psycho.
Found it in a bale of Thai Sticks.
You hurt my wrist officer.
You an **** 'till the end. Punk motherf*****.
Roger that big monkey.
Does a polar bear **** in the woods?
I have a confession to make. I... Im blind.
Think of a yellow rubber duck.
I feel good today, like a woman reborn.
Get outta here you greaseball bastard.
Like a quarter pound, Later.
Like it says in the book, we are blessed, and cursed.
Hey, you wanna learn some new moves?
Aye bear come check these fools.
Loc, is he available for COMMUNICATION?
Its him, its F****** him.
Give up the money. This a raid.
Yo soy el grando smokio.
Im gonna cap me some f****** dope dealers.
Narcs, you f****** rat.
Dodging little brown jelly beans and vietnamese gangsters?

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