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Comic HeroesComic ArchenemiesReal Name
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)Norman Osborn
HulkEmil Blonsky
WolverineVictor Creed
Thor---- Laufeyson
Captain AmericaJohann Shmidt
X-MenErik Lehnsherr
Fantastic FourVictor Von ----
Guardians of the Galaxy
Ant-Man (Scott Lang)Darren Cross
Ant-Man (Hank Pym)Elihas Starr
Doctor StrangeKarl -----
Black PantherN'Jadaka
PunisherWilliam Russo
DaredevilWilson Fisk
Ghost Rider
Luke CageWillis Stryker
Iron FistDavos
Jessica JonesZebediah Killgrave
DeadpoolFrancis Freeman
Spider-Man (Miles Morales)Aaron Davis
Inhumans------- Boltagon
BatmanJack Napier
Comic HeroesComic ArchenemiesReal Name
Wonder WomanBarbara Minerva
AquamanDavid Hyde
FlashEobard Thawne
Green LanternThaal --------
Justice LeagueUxas
Teen TitansSlade Wilson
ShazamTeth ----
AtomDavid Clinton
Doctor Fate
FirestormDanton Black
Green ArrowMalcolm Merlyn
Blue Beetle
VenomCletus Kasady
Suicide SquadJune Moone
SupergirlSiobhan McDougal
Captain Marvel
Swamp Thing
Black Lightning
Jonah Hex
Martian ManhunterMa'alefa'ak
She-HulkMary MacPherran
Plastic Man
Silver Surfer
Moon KnightRandall Spector
Nick FuryWolfgang Von Strucker
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