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Once sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) are emitted and remain in the air, the greater chance they will be oxidized into what acids?
Fill in the missing words: These acids ______ in cloud droplets (rain, snow, mist, hail) and reach the ground as _____ __________.
What is the most important health effect of acid rain?
Name one toxic effect of acid deposition on living organisms.
How does acid rain severely affect trees and forests?
‘Which types of rocks and soils are better at absorbing and neutralising acidity?’
‘Name one kind of a natural cause of acidification’
‘What plant produces high levels of acidity when its leaf litter is dropped?’
‘What natural formation are important sources of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide?’
‘What was the pH level of the lake at the top of Chances Peak, Montserrat in 1996?’
Question Time!Answer Time!
‘What is the term that is used when describing an environment that can neutralise the effects of acid rain?’
‘Name one of the 2 environmental areas that can neutralise the effects of acid rain.’
‘Name one of the 3 countries that are heavily affected by acid rain as a result from their underlying rocks.’
‘What is an unsustainable way of repairing acid rain affected areas?
‘Name 1 way to prevent acid deposition.’
What causes acid rain?
What is the number 1 distributor of sulfur dioxide in the US?
What is the number 1 distributor of nitrogen oxides in the US?
How is acid rain measured?

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