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The God of War, rode Red Hare, and had a long beardShu
Cousin to Cao Cao, the world can survive without *name*Wei
Considering this general and Gan Ning's sterling reputation, Wu should hire more piratesWu
Took an awful lashing to burn down some boatsWu
A greedy, treasure hoarding general who is killing by the son of the legend he executesWu
'The Little Conqueror' could win the battlefield, but is scared of magicWu
Not a general, she married Liu Bei... took a swim when he diedWu
Cousin of Cao Cao, why so serious?Wei
Yuan Shao's second general, killed by Guan Yu at Guan DuYuan Shao
A wreckless warrior, rebels after Zhuge Liang's deathShu
Cao Cao kills his father, so he takes Tong GateShu
One of the most famous and intelligent strategists of the eraShu
The Crazy Tiger who fought Ma Chao with less then optimal clothingWei
'Who dares kill Wei Yan?' Ma Chao's cousin doesShu
Was an important general in Shu's later years... not Zhang Ni, the other oneShu
Joined the Yellow Turbans at the beginning, saw the era through to it's endYellow Turbans/Shu
Gan Ning killed his father, then this general was saved by himWu
Liu Bei's first advisor... shouted down Cai Mao in front of his masterShu
Ate his own eyeball, no wonder Cao Cao treasures himWei
Conquered Guan Yu at Fan Castle... someone call GhostbustersWu
If only Lu Bu had listened to this man's advice...Various/Lu Bu
Cao Cao's advisor... could he REALLY have stopped Cao Cao from losing at Red Cliffs?Wei
A relative who offered his land to Liu Bei 3 times, just take it alreadyIndependent
Won't give up after six defeats, does this jungle-dweller have no shame?Nanman
An ex-pirate who sacked Wei's camps at He FeiWu
This flawless strategist is probably tired of joining new forcesDong Zhuo/Li Jue/Zhang Xiu/Wei
Rattan armor seemed like such a good idea!Nanman
Guan Yu's son... tigers beget tigers, afterallShu
Ruled the Shu-Han, his inept son bungles the kingdomShu
A brave warrior who saved Liu Chan... perhaps unfortunatelyShu
A highly respected general who launched the fire attack at Yi LingWu
Conspired to sell out the Riverlands from Liu Zhang to Liu BeiLiu Zhang/Shu
Decided to join Sun Ce after an epic duel.. real mama's boyWu
Usually regarded as the mightiest warrior of the eraDong Zhuo/Independent
A great general who cleans up Sun Shao's messWu
Advisor to Sun Quan, wants to surrender to Cao Cao at Chi BiWu
Sun Ce's younger brother, runs off to fight without taking a second to think about itWu
Stripping naked, banging on drums... what a wise assIndependent
It probably wasn't easy for this general to scoop up the burly Huang Gai from the water at Chi BiWu
Joined Cao Cao to gain massive victory at He FeiLu Bu/Wei
Leads the army after Zhuge Liang's death, a futile questWei/Shu
A decent strategist, is probably wishing Zhuge Liang would stop messing with himWu
Why would the Heavens have created this general if they were going to create Zhuge Liang?Wu
Poor personnel decisions led this arrogant general to death at Guan DuHan/Independent
Honorable warrior who held Fan Castle... and killed Wen ChouWei
Cao Cao's successor who was more concerned with internal mattersWei
A former general of Dong Zhuo who was lucky enough to get Jia Xu in the break-upDong Zhuo/Independent
An illiterate general who saves what he can at Jie TingWei/Shu
A smart general who terrorized Shu at Jieting.... beautifullyYuan Shao/Wei
Brother of Zhuge Liang, looks like a donkeyWu
Got a little too confident and was slain by an old man at Mt. Ding JunWei
A hotheaded drunkard who was a sworn brother of Liu Bei and Guan YuShu
The Young Phoenix who is shot down near Cheng DuShu
Sneaky strategist, was his goal takeover from the start?Wei/Jin?
This disgusting pig of a man ends up being hated by allHan/Independent
Minding his own business when Guan Yu lopped off his headYuan Shao
Another great general who used short blades during a snowstormWu
The father of Sun Ce and Sun QuanWu
A young general who burned Shu at Yi LingWu
Guan Yu's adopted son, joined his father on the execution line at JingzhouShu
Ruled Wu for the majority of it's lifetimeWu
The arrogant rival of Deng Ai... jumped ship at the wrong timeWei/Jin/Shu
Pang De went to the fight, this coward surrenderedWei
Bringing your coffin to a fight apparently helps to impress the bossMa Chao/Wei
The 'Hero of Chaos' who laid the foundation for WeiWei
Son of Liu Bei, lost the kingdom, doesn't even careShu
An elderly general who could best those half his ageShu
First served Liu Zhang, but joined Huang Zhong to take Mt. Ding JunLiu Zhang/Shu
Another advisor to Cao Cao... opposed Cao Cao becoming Emperor and died mysteriouslyWei
This man and his BFF took on Dong Zhuo's causeDong Zhuo/Independent
One of Wu's oldest generals, followed Sun JianWu
The only woman to take to the battlefieldNanman
Zhang Fei's son, best known for driving off a cliffShu
Snubbed Guan Yu, killed Xu Huang... stop switching sidesLiu Zhang/Shu/Wei/Shu
Liu Bei served under him during the campaign against Dong ZhuoIndependent
Cao Cao's tall advisor who fed the army human meatWei
Jumped to Shu when his famous family fell flat to the SimasWei/Shu
A colossus who helped his lord escape by using human corpses as battering ramsWei
His master was a disgusting pig, but then again this advisor of his threw a lady out of a windowDong Zhuo
The man who wrecked Shu but could have used speech therapyWei/Jin
Argued with Zhang Liao at He Fei... was his height mocked?Wei
This man started the Yellow Scarves rebellion... or Turbans... or whateverYellow Turbans
A quiet general who helped unite his squabbling comrades at He FeiWei
Not a general, this young harlot sows the seeds of discord between Dong Zhuo and Lu BuDong Zhuo/Lu Bu
A scarred general who is probably sick of saving Sun QuanWu
He once ruled Shu, but stagnant reign led his relative to forcefully step inIndependent
A smart general who drove Zhang Bao off a cliff, but was killed by Jiang WeiWei/Jin
Yuan Shao's brother... declares himself Emperor, no one caresHan/Independent

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