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Can you name every single Ben 10 alien ever released?

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Series of First AppearanceAlienHint
Ben 10 Original SeriesMagma humanoid
Ben 10 Original SeriesFour
Ben 10 Original SeriesBall
Ben 10 Original SeriesPlant humanoid
Ben 10 Original SeriesSmall
Ben 10 Original SeriesAqua Crystal
Ben 10 Original SeriesGreen battery
Ben 10 Original SeriesMassive
Ben 10 Original SeriesWolf
Ben 10 Original SeriesEye
Ben 10 Original SeriesMummy
Ben 10 Original SeriesElectric frankenstein
Ben 10 Original SeriesGhost
Ben 10 Original SeriesIce lizard
Ben 10 Original SeriesMutt
Ben 10 Original SeriesSmelly
Ben 10 Original SeriesFish
Ben 10 Original SeriesAnother word for two, also makes clones
Ben 10 Original SeriesFast skater
Ben 10 Original SeriesHijack
Ben 10 Original SeriesSpit out
Ben 10 Alien ForceEnergy Absorber
Ben 10 Alien ForceDinosaur
Ben 10 Alien ForceStingray
Ben 10 Alien ForceSonic screaming clones
Ben 10 Alien ForceBlue chimp
Series of First AppearanceAlienHint
Ben 10 Alien ForceSpits vomit-like substance
Ben 10 Alien ForceIntelligent crab
Ben 10 Alien ForceFire Plant
Ben 10 Alien ForceIce butterfly
Ben 10 Alien ForceGreen slime
Ben 10 Alien ForceTiniest alien
Ben 10 Alien ForceLimitless power
Ben 10 Alien ForceMagnet
Ben 10 Ultimate AlienArmoured dinosaur
Ben 10 Ultimate AlienArachnid gorilla
Ben 10 Ultimate AlienBlue explosives plant
Ben 10 Ultimate AlienSonic discs
Ben 10 Ultimate AlienFire Ice Butterfly
Ben 10 Ultimate AlienTime traveler and time manipulator
Ben 10 Ultimate AlienRed mutt
Ben 10 Ultimate AlienShoots water
Ben 10 Ultimate AlienDrill arms
Ben 10 Ultimate AlienBeetle that eats stuff to shoot lasers
Ben 10 Ultimate AlienTechy orange goblin
Ben 10 Ultimate AlienElectric sasquatch
Ben 10 Ultimate AlienBlue electricity
Ben 10 Ultimate AlienFan turtle
Ben 10 Ultimate AlienBiggest alien
Ben 10 Ultimate AlienAngry tiger
Ben 10 Ultimate AlienSpikey ball
Ben 10 Ultimate AlienLiving furnace
Series of First AppearanceAlienHint
Ben 10 Ultimate AlienFast runner
Ben 10 OmniverseChamelion with multicoloured eyes
Ben 10 OmniverseMade of rocks and controls gravity of other objects
Ben 10 OmniverseVery angry white tiger
Ben 10 OmniverseGorilla made of lego pieces
Ben 10 OmniverseMassive iguana that shoots freeze rays
Ben 10 OmniverseFloating large rock with gravikinesis
Ben 10 OmniverseLarge cable humanoid that controls electricity
Ben 10 OmniverseMix between grasshopper and preying mantis
Ben 10 OmniverseSpits out green plasma bubbles that can absorb matter or explode
Ben 10 OmniverseWalking fish
Ben 10 OmniverseFairy
Ben 10 OmniverseMole that uses moustache as fists
Ben 10 OmniverseBig yellow invincible blob
Ben 10 OmniverseMuscular hawk with sharp talons
Ben 10 OmniverseYellow alien with a cage on head
Ben 10 OmniversePterodactyl that shoots energy beams
Ben 10 OmniverseHumanoid frog with sunglasses
Ben 10 OmniverseCan create or manipulate atomic or nuclear energy
Ben 10 OmniverseMechanical humanoid that releases gas compounds
Ben 10 OmniverseBlack and green vampire
Ben 10 RebootCopy of waterhazard
Ben 10 RebootVilgax as an alien
Ben 10 RebootDuplicating frog thing
Ben 10 RebootMade of rock and blue energy and can make energy weapons

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