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Can you name the Juric Universe Characters (made for my friends)?

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Punk friend of Sweet
Princess of the Alphabet
Trey's twin brother
Creator's favorite character
Boy that Sweet originally had a crush on
Stubborn Sword
Jiro's British Assosiate
Nice Nerdy boy who has a crush on Sweet
Drug Dealer
First Juric Sentinal
The successor to the alphabet
Zed Chophman's assistant
Failed Into The Dark Partisipant
A spirit used to make people kill themselves
Main Character of X
Nice and joyful boy who's friends with Sweet
Juric without any juric powers
Jiro's American assosiate
Scientist in New York City
Son of Zed Chophman
Stoic Lesbian Girl of French Background
Smartest girl's boyfriend
Friend of James and Michael
Strongest Member of the alphabet
Channeler from Japan
Girl forced to be a terrorist
Mysterious girl without memories of her past
The first Juric Universe Character
Smartest Girl in the World
Man who kidnapped Kyle
Athletic Boy who was kidnapped
Jiro's Russian Assosiate
Energetic Renoculous Girl
Creator of the Zed Games
Man who wishes to become god
Protector of the Princess
A magical Shirt
Self proclaimed World's greatest detective
Founder of Into The Dark
Jiro's Indian assosiate
Yuki's unimportant Friend
Smartest person in the world and serial killer
Japanophile Juric Boy
Nice Blue haired girl

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