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Can you guess players from Chicago Bull's History based on the Hint?

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A rose by any other name...
His nickname rhymes with tombstones.
He has met Kim Jong Un and is a two DPOTY.
Arguably more famous for coaching than for his playing career.
His career FT% is 70%, despite shooting only 43% last year with the Knicks.
His nickname is associated with Star Trek.
He was traded to the Timberwolves for Zach Lavine and a stick of bubble gum.
The White Mamba. He had his highest PER ever, (13.5) in his last year with the bulls.
A popular show shared this player's last name.
The Goat of basketball.
His last name is associated with Valentines Day.
Is now the head coach of the warriors and had a better offencive rating than Micheal Jordan.
He made the All-Defensive team eight times with the Bull's.
Despite playing only two seasons with Chicago, he had the second highest PER in Bull's history.
The Goat of YouTube and honorary Chicago Bull.

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