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Can you name all of the Black Ops 2 Guns from multiplayer mode?

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SMGI'm fast as f**k boi
SMGMight as well be an LMG with extended mags
SMGVery rarely used by anyone, but sounds nice
SMGSMG favored by pros, induced many tears
SMGBurst fire SMG, pretty terrible
SMGFirst gun unlocked in the SMG class, not what it once was in previous titles
SMGOnly DLC gun introduced in BO2, might as well be an AR
Assault RifleFirst AR unlocked, not much to be said
Assault RiflePeculiar recoil pattern
Assault Rifle3 round burst fire assault rifle
Assault RifleSemi-Automatic AR banned from competitive
Assault RifleYou could balance a stack of bowls on top of this whilst firing and they wouldn't fall off
Assault RifleOne of many redesigned favorites, severely underwhelming
Assault RifleSounds like someone slapping themselves repeatedly, semi auto
Assault Rifle4 round burst fire AR, could almost be considered cheating if your opponents didn't also use it
Assault RifleThe poster gun of the game, ended careers...
ShotgunPump. Boom. Pump. Boom. Everybody within 10 meters is dead.
ShotgunIt's goooood.... but it isn't great.....
ShotgunScrew sniper montages, this thing was the most satisfying thing to get kills with. No better satisfaction than getting a kill with a 'Shotgun' from 100m away
ShotgunJust what were they thinking...?
LMGThe slow fire rate made the magazine feel twice as large
LMGFast fire rates just don't compensate for a gun being ****.
LMGWhack a target finder on this and you are invincible
LMGRecoil lets it down a little, good compared to some other guns
Sniper RiflesTerrible damage stats redeemed by being able to trigger spam, semi-auto
Sniper RiflesSounds like a nuke going off in a gun barrel, most powerful in class, but still debates between this and another for best sniper
Sniper RiflesFast scoping time made quickscopers go crazy with this one
Sniper RiflesProbably the easiest and most overpowered sniper to use
SpecialPerfect for trolling
SpecialNot easy to use at all, but extremely satisfying once you have the hang of it
SpecialWhy this shows up on the minimap when firing- nobody knows.
PistolsBoring but trusty weapon
PistolsSupposed to be semi-auto, but always felt like it was held back. Every sniper's favorite weapon, used it more than the sniper itself
PistolsBRR BRR BRR BRR BRR. As soon as you heard this, you knew it was over. Severely overpowered for a pistol
PistolsA shotgun in a pistol? What a great idea!!! Not really... this gun sucked, probably the worst on the game.
PistolsNobody's favorite, but certainly never last place. Like having a backup SMG
LaunchersClassic all-rounder, used more for taking out infantry than vehicles.
LaunchersOnly true heroes carried this as their secondary. Taking out scorestreaks all day long.
LaunchersNothing better than having the power to take out an entire team at once resting on your shoulder. Used for one purpose: killing.

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