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0-12 hours
no updraft, leftover cloud, light rain, gust fronts stage
22% of emitions Rapid Rise
Increased absorbtion, less evap, Arthopogenic Heat are effects of
11% of Emitions steady rise
Wind greater than 35mph, less than .25 of a mile visibility, for three hours
Spans the Great Plains and Texas
Warming of the planet over time
Destruction and pile of rubble
Long range forecasting method up to 15 days
5% of emitions slow rise
Snow that occurs downwind of the Great Lakes
Tree Damage, sheds blown down along with mobile homes
Rank of risk of Lightning for t-storms
6 to 12 inches of snow
Avoid lone trees, Open Areas, open water, and go inside
The use of reasoning and knowledge of wx to apply it to Wx. patterns. Ad:Best tech for 1 to 7 days. Dis: need exp.
Total Destruction, only scattered debris
1200 in Zulu and Est
CO2, Methane, CFCs are what?
3 to 7 days
Small/weak shear
Future Wx will be the same as average over the past 30yrs. AD:good in trop and polar. Dis: Wx is rarely average esp in midlats
6% of emitions moderate rise
Strongest area of a snowstorm
Updraft & growing cloud stage
What has wind speed of 57mph, large hail, and tornadoes
Storm track that dumps lots of snow along states by the Atlantic Ocean
Moderate Shear, longer than hr., Flood threat, moderate damage
High Shear
Span the Southeastern United States
Rank of risk of Flash Floods for t-storms
Short range forecasting method
Low shear, 1 hr., low threat, and damage
Metal, water, electrical objects
20% of emitions Slow Rise
What is the 540mb Line?
Darkest cirlce on the map
Highest pressure on Earth
Mobile home and block structures destroyed and roofs removed
Location of a tornado in a supercell
Moderate Shear, longer than hr., wind threat, moderate damage
Event is occurring, current +/- a hr., spans county wide
4% of emitions steady
1800 in Zulu and Est
Science is never 100%, Are costs worth it, and some people will benefit and others wont with?
T or false: climate is everyday observations
Rank of risk of downburst for t-storms
Coalition of Scientist Intergovernmental panel on climate change
Most Likely to bring heavy snow to Indiana
IPCC working Groups
Up to 48 hours
Fast moving weak storm that comes from canada
Moderate shear
75% of all tornadoes
more than 10 days
0000 in Zulu and Est
cP or cA air masses with a 850mb to lake temp difference of 17 deg c. and a unfrozen lake
Updraft, growing, rain, downdraft, gustfronts stage
25% of all tornadoes
Current trend will continue. Ad: Good for nowcasts and short term forecasts. Dis: Trends can blow up.
1% of all Tornadoes
T or F: Climate is longterm observations over 30 years
Future Wx will be same a present. Ad:Good in tropical&polar, Dis: Mid-lats are wild
Favorable conditions, hrs. in length, and span over states and regions
High Shear, Longest length of time, Tornado and wind threats, high damage
Rank of risk of hail for t-storms

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