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Happy st. patties day
Forms from the coriolis effect. CE is strongest at the poles.
Common in itcz zones and in mountaneous regions
....... recharges the soil while ........ is extra precip supplied to rivers and streams
Focuses on surface water budget and relates deficit with plant deviation timing
PGF and CE are balanced forces that...... the winds.
deg of dryness and duration of events and examine departure from normal
based on daylength and created klimata and had limited revisions until instruments
Relationship of Water balance and latent heat.
Asses Long term moisture cond. on a weekly basis
Idea that energy moves from areas of high concentration to lower concentration which causes disorder ina system
Temp decreases with height, rapid change in climates in general over a small area.
Triangle ST means?
reduction in the surface and subsurface water supply
Longer term analysis that reflects conditions relating to ground water availibility
made at 500 bc logic based and has 3 major climate zones
Happy st. patties day
An instrument that is installed under and weighs the soil and vegetation on top of it to measure volumetric water content
High amts of precip moves to cause wet dry seasons. This is a ...... effect
Rotation of the earth and made up of water are?
Land/water heat contrast. Coriolis Effect. Uniform heating are differences in what?
US forest service to assess the risk of fire potential using relationship between ET and precip
Set of calm winds near or around equator
Expresses balance between input and output of the water to and from the surface
Customized and weighted toward upper most soil layers
Subtropic highs, itcz movement, and air masses influence what?
Forms from the CE of the earth and are not as strong due to the distance from the poles
500mb heights are greatest at the...... and lowest at the....... and shifts at itcz
Combination of other drought type impacts and depends on time, location, and processes of supply and demand
emphasizing response, mitigation. Develops longterm plans. Local authorities delegate or no plans.
the convective transport of energy absorbed during evap n depositions
Sun angle influences what?

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