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Winds that converge at the Equaror in SH
Subpolar Lows and Polar Highs are what kind of Cell in the Idealized model
Winds between 30-60 N/S
The max amount of evapotranspiration that would occur for a location over time if water were not a limiting factor
Sir George Henry created this model in 1735
Cyosphere flux, percolation/infiltration, and biomas flux are....
Precip limited, snow occurs in all seasons
Midlatitude cold aka?
P=ET+S+-(Change in soil moisture storage) is used to find the....
A polar region with the warmest month under 50 degress
In the moisture index equation S stands for........., D stands for........, and PE stands for.......
Ample precip during all season and is influenced by the ITCZ
Rosby waves are also know as?
Thornthwaite PE estimation has two variables. They are....
ET=Qe/Lvp is what equation
Classification system that examines large data sets over time which maximizes the variance in the data.
SE and NE tradewinds provide what to the equator
Constantly moist rainfall through all months of year
Estimates local surface water availability using climate factors
Tropical with coolest month hotter than 64 deg
This equation requires net radiation, substrate heat flux, vapor pressure and temp resistance
Water being removed from ocean is being replaced somewhere else. This is an example of
Classification system that uses a automated mehtod that decides the optimal # of groups
DI and HI are use for Climate .....
Net Energy Deficit, High Albedo, and a inc. in air density are features of what?
Winds from the north and south poles till 60N/S
A system where climate categories are predetermined by using Temp Dew pt, wind, and cloud cover
for b climate recieves at least 70 percent of precip during warm season
Winds that converge at the Equator in NH
Revised koppen system using the surface water balance model the.....developed
Warmest month greater than 71.6
Confluence is associated with?
Evaporation and transpiration, convection and advection, terrestrial and atm reservoir are part of?
Cold and dry average annual temp less than 64
Main purpose of general circulation
High atmospheric pressure with sinking air
What two air features vary that greatest between the Idealize and actual earth?
To find TE you need to find the ratio between
Climate system based on major climate controls defined by underlyin causes of the climate
Vegetation change is called what?
Winter dry season
Movement of energy, matter, and momentum from higher concentration areas to lower concentration areas
PGF stands for
General average of rosby waves at a given time?
warmest month less than 71.6
A huge body of air usually with similar temp and moisture levels
hot and dry with average annual temp greater than 64
Another subtype is the........
Ice cap
At 60 deg latitude and are a result of polar and subtropical highs
Distinct dry season and normally dry year round
Steppe region with semiarid precip values
The idealized model made what two MAJOR assumptions?
Monsoon rain short dry season total rainfall can support rain forest
Dessert where extreme minimal rainfall is expected
Interaction between Hadley and polar cells create what?
The movement of water through the earth atm system
Classification system that has predetermined class boundaries that requires input data
PE estimation methods are the ...... and the ......
97.2% of the earths water is where?
Speed of Rosby waves
Small systems moving within the main airflow are called
Ample precip during all seasons, where ferrel cell located
surface processes, soil and plant water movement but most will be evaporated back into atm
Who developed the first climate classification system in 1870 based on monthly data?
Examine expected weather patterns fro climate and note long term shifts in climate boundaries accounts for?
Diffluence is associated with?
Midlatitude mild aka?
ITCZ and Subtropical Highs are apart of What?
Equatorial convection along the ITCZ that cools in the upper troposphere
Summarize climate info and simplify complexities that comprise the climate system are?
Mesothermal with coldest month warmer than 32 and hottest month warmer than 50
Most widely use climate system method?
Movement of water from the soil to the atm directly or through vegetation roots
EC what is the name of the Sea in the Atlantic located under the H?
Summer dry season
Second order division are?
Very slow water seepage deep into lithosphere that is eventually groundwater
2.8% of the earths water is what?
Tundra where warmest month less than 50 but greater than 32
How does airflow move?
Longwaves in the upper level westerlies characterized by wavelengths thousands of km
for b climate recieves at least 70 percent of precip during cold season
Factors that need to be implemented in the idealized model
What transfers air masses away from their source region?
Microthermal with coldest month cooler than 32 and hottest month greater than 50
Air masses are generally determined by
What percent of freshwater is surface water?
Fewer than four months greater than 50
Horse Latitude with stagnant conditions

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