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Advancement in the 1950s
The format of what your current project looks like
Shape preserved
Straight line distance , shortest distance between two points.
Areal relationships maintained
Numeric data grouped together in classes and shaded specific colors
Conformality projection
Querying data between multiple layers
the equipotential surface of the earths gravity field which best fits the global mean sea level
Distance from north of origin
Graphed wells and locations where the people were sick to find source
Relational database management system containing geographic info. Contairner
Non numerical data
A stat describing how far apart or close tog the data values are
Quantitative and Qualitative data
grooup of features that are related and have the same geometry
Displayed as equally sized grid cells, block look
data sets that make each interval equal
Format where GIS design and calculations take place.
planar description
Expressed as a ratio
one coordinate
Uses a 3D shape of the earch to develop its coordinates
The starting point of a datum
squaring the standard deviation
wrote a book called design by nature in 1969
is a way of specifying positions of geodetic (measured) stations using rectangular coordinates
Geodatabase for one user
4 or more coordinates
correlated with vector data models that spatiall describe geometries
frame of reference for measuring locations on the surface of the Earth
The newer geodatabase format
International plane coord system dev by the US army and divides into 60 zones
Not grouped or classed. symbols size correlated to individual value
True direction maintained
GIS History. Trackin the movement of troops during war
2 or more coordinates
Cylindrical setbacks
Variety of features with common use for road maps
Based on grid distance with use of right angles
number that occurs most in data set
Based on individual features, generally precise
Azimuthal projection
Querying data based on a single layer.
number of data observations divided by the number of classes desired
The origin has shifted
Small amouts of detail over larger area
A comp-based system for capture, storage and analysis of spatial data
Conic description
middle of data set
figures and symbols the decribe numeric value
Grouped or classed data using symbols
locational data
system of georeferencing exact and precise location of a point
Coordinate system that is dependent on the other
Distance from origin
Larger amount of detail over smaller area
Data that links gis to map feature. Ex states, city census tracks
Equal area projection
Divided into classes based on where the biggest breaks in the data lie
Sum of all observations divided by the # of classes
Individual object of a given geometry

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