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Streets broken up into sections, range of addresses
Example Speed limits to states
Speling sensitivity, min match score, min candidate score
Local effect. variations within data set. Loal clusters or hotspots. measure of range or dispersion
All members, observations or events in a group
Po box, vantity address, new address on new streets are reasons why
Shows both clustering and dispersion
patterns and relationships of pt. data over space. pts can be clustered dispersed or rand distributed
Works along xy axis. inc direction. can see directional trends in data. defined oval for strong direct. comp.
Used with samples and prob is between 0 and 1. Small p-value less likely the null hyp is correct
Represents actual travel distance or straight-line distance
Aka z score. Displays a bell shaped curve
Most centrally located feature in an existing dataset
Example city to population
a degree of closeness of measurements of a quantity to its true value. how well GIS data reps real world data
Global Effect. Characteristic of Entire data set. measures of Cent. Tendency
Allows us to reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis
Tabular data addresses, background or ref file, some way of connecting 1&2, roles or cirteria for address matching
Information about your datafile. Guide to data layer
Example land parcel to zoning type
describes distance from mean in units of Standard Deviation. Used if pop. parameters are know
link between addresses and background reference streets file
one to many, many to many
Location of average x and y coordinates
Example student to classes they take
Spread of points away from mean center and returns a circle with radius of 1 SD
Likelihood of an event occurring
one to one, many to one
Grid system, block, good for cities distance of driving distance.
What saves time&money, answers questions, legal protection, and investment in data
Est. access to 2nd table, but does not physically attach them
Create or find suitable address locator, address parsed, addresses given standard abbrv., reference file search
Points are located away form each other
initial guess or educated guess
Uses probability theory to collect or interpret quantitative data
Points are grouped together
Physically attach an external table to your attribute table
What includes age, spatial reference, description, updated info, publicationdate, contact name
Taking no spatial data and creating a geographical rep
there is no significant difference between groups and 2 groups have the same means
Degreee to which repeated measures under unchanged conditions show the same result. Level of measure
Tells us whether pts. are clustered, disbursed, or randomly dist.
based on dist between points. finds location that is shortest dist away from existing pts in data set
subset of a population
Spatial Analysis
adjust manipulate data so that comparisons can be done. Take one variable and divide by a 2nd variable

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