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Media definitions
Women(submissive, objects act on them) and Men(powerful, take action) in advertsing
Reflecting ideals and shapes (race, class, gender, sex, power, disability, and ethnicity) in advertising
2 sexes, 2 gender roles
A collection of beliefs held by a particular group of people that shape its actions and beliefs. Can be moral, ethical, philosophical, religious, political
The idea of being manly. These characteristics need to be achieved in order to be considered manly.
Underlying messages, not obvious, not main idea, subconscious (ideological)
That of which is outside the norm
Rules of Doctrine of an ideological belief system. Authoritative, not to be challenged
The idea of dressing women to achieve a look of being a infant. Fingers in mouth, on all fours, dressed in children attire.
This gaze shows power, action, confidence, always aware and ready for anything.
Obvious, superficial, easy to see.
Media definitions
Eliminating the idea of character traits being connected to a certain gender.
A copy of a copy of something not real. Copy of a false idea
Something that gets exposed to you over and over and over until it becomes the norm
Head powers in rap are white. Corporate power decides what the rap song themes are
Laying on back, Exposed neck, hands above head, off balance, awkward positions, show signs of :
To be normal you need to be in the box set around your codes of gender
Advertising that reflects the ideals of our country
guys are direct and girls look away
MEN(Gun violence, gangs, Fronts, Manhood) and WOMEN(Sex objects, sexual assault) these are traits that leave men/women in hip-hop?
A huge part of the masculine identity that occurs frequently in TV, video games, movies

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