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Health Quiz
THR=MHR-RHR*.60+RHR it the equation for
What are these exercise tips for? Exercise regularly. - Avoid exercising in hot environments. - Avoid ballistic movements. - Avoid deep flexion and extension of joints. - Warm up a
aerobic vs. anaerobic. Aerobic is continuous and rhythmic. Choose activities you enjoy and are reasonable
20 to 60 minutes depending on intensity.
How many steps per day do fitness experts recommend for weight management? Equals around five miles
What does wieghts help?
Max heart rate is?
a condition where the body rises to a dangerous level
Avoid high heat exercise to prevent hyperthermia. Drink plenty of water – before, during, and after exercise. Wear loose and light-colored clothes. Avoid vinyl or rubber clothing
increase internal temperature and blood flow to muscles (five to 15 minutes). Stretch muscles especially task specific
3 to 5 times per week (up to 7 times per week is acceptable)
Layer clothing Avoid overheating Avoid overexposure (hypothermia) Protect exposed body parts Work with the wind Exercise with caution Stay motivated Be safe. Recommendations for wh
2nd best way to measure BMI
what is not a hypokinetic disease
Health Quiz
What do push ups help?
Resting Heart Rate is?
Best way to measure BMI
What does exercise improve?
Two other cardio test for walking and jogging class
reduce intensity to pre-workout state (five to 15 minutes). Greater flexibility is achieved during the cool-down
A condition where the body drops to a dangerously low level
Five health related fitness components
aerobic exercise or strength conditioning (20 to 30 minutes or more). Progress slowly, use proper equipment and techniques
Best measure for cardio endurance testing
60-80% of heart rate reserve. Use the Karvonen equation
What does running help?
What does FITT stand for?
What does stretching help?

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