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Health Quiz
maintaining good balance between work and play, minimizes stress
Subbing alternative behaviors for problem behaviors
recieving reinforcement from others for positive changes
Experiencing emotions related to the problem behavior
Five lifestyle practices
Three things that contribute to relapse
Five stages of change(transtheoretical)
body functions, fitness, endurance, flexibility, self-tests
Determining consequences and impact on personal life with and without a particular habit
awareness, acceptance, management
What place focuses on the challenges individuals, communities, and professionals, indeed all of us to take specific steps to ensure that good health, as well as long life, are enjo
Health Quiz
trusting, accepting, and using the support of others during attempts to change the proble behavior
A good system to reach goals
Use of mind, aquisition of knowledge, creative stimulating mental activity, opening your mind to new ideas
restructuting the environment to reduce temptations
having beliefs, principles, and values
Need safe air, water, and food
Accepting personal responsibility for changing. Committing
getting info about the nature and risk of unsafe behaviors
Understanding and changing contingencies that control or maintain the problem behavior
The number of years a person is expected to live in a good health
get along, appreciate the uniqueness, and feel connected to others

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