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P-value multiplied by 2
The exact probability of getting a test statistic value of a given mangnitude.
A multistep procedure that leads from a statement to a decision
Make a decision on whether or not to accept or reject the null (or alternate) hypothesis
Construction of decision rule
Examine the likelihood (probability) that an alternate claim (or outcome) would occur if an existing claim were true
.01 on a .05 significance level
State the null and alternate hypothesis
.0005 on a .01 significance level
Select level of significance
Real world processes that produce the spatial pattern under analysis contain random components
Requires no such knowledge of populaiton parameters and has fewer assumptions on pop dist.
Examining the difference between a sample (or set of samples) and the population parameters
.125 on a .05 significance level
Select appropriate statistical test
.16 on a .01 significance level
Tests that require knowledge about pop parameters and make assumptions about population dist.
N smaller than 30
original Claim
However, as the number of population parameters being estimated in statistical calculations increases, one degree of freedom is lost
ting aWhen rejec null hyp. when in fact it is true. Is equivalent to sig level
Opposing Claim
One section on Curve
.005 on a .05 significance level
When accepting a null hyp. when in fact it is wrong. Beta error
.05 on a .01 significance level
person draws an unbiased representative sample from a statistical pop and then is able to infer certain characteristics

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