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Makes use of a regular sampling interval (k) between individuals selected for inclusion in the sample
Population or target area is separated into different subgroups (or subareas) called strata and then selecting a simple random sample from each
with a smaller than proportional sample size
The set of all individuals contained in the sampling frame, from which the sample is actually drawn.
The complete set of individuals from which info is to be collected
the entire region or set of locations from which info is to be collected
If the standard deviation is unknown. Sample is smaller than 30
Each value has equal probability
the practical or operational structure that contains the entire set of elements from which the sample will actually be drawn.
with a larger than proportional sample size
probability that the interval surrounding a sample mean fails to encompass the true population mean
As we increase the number of observations that we used to draw our sample, the sampling distribution of x changes its shape - approaches that of a normal distribution
the set of all locations within the study area boundary line that delimits the spatial sampling frame, from which the sample is actually drawn
Divides data into exclusive groups
Probability that the interval surrounding a sample mean includes the true pop mean (1-m)
Combination of random, systematic, cluster or stratified sampling procedures

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