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Forced Order
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One voice
Energetic tone that is more serious and authoritative and aimed at adult m
Men and Women aged 30 and up
men aged 30 and up
Challenges of Radio3
Adults 40 and up
2 voice
o Well known personality doing a commercial for a product
Reason to choose radio2
Challenges of Radio2
Explain why it is important to know the resources available from the producers of the radio.
Challenges of Radio
Young adults aged 16 to 25
Emphasizes a warm and relaxing message, designed to clam the listener
Reason to choose radio4
Appeal to some basic human need, Have opening and closing lines
• To announce a price reduction • Urgency bargin end tmrw • Punchy sentences
Mini Drama
Men aged 40 and up
Exited and energetic tone aimed at younger audience
young adults 15 to 30
• Straight announcement copy • Most Commonly used • Requires on announcer only
Emphasized the clarity of the message
o Features someone speaking in the first person for the client, its product, or its service.
o Can be very effective o Needs client’s approval o Can the station’s announcer handle the delievery
o Comments from a satisfied customer
men and women 25 and up
Reason to choose radio
Men and Women aged 30 and up
o Goal is to keep the clients good name before the public Ex Bank institution
Explain why it is important for the copywriter to know how long the radio spot is before he starts writing it.
Reason to choose radio3

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