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Which approach offers sales and promotions?
to use language that enhances the image of a product that creates a desired emotional response
Age, economic level, background, location, gender
Which approach sells themself like a prostitute?
Format: Tell me why I should buy this product
Which approach just focuses on product they are trying to sell?
Format:Jingle or Slogan
Format: Sentimental, Nostalgic, tug at heartstrings
Format:A short 30 to 60 second play or story
Put Customer 1st, Org selling pts, Write Simply, Avoid Tech Jargon, Concise, specific, Straight to pt.
Beliefs, attitude, behavior, hobbies
Format: Cartoons
Which appraoch does a Cold medicine commercial take?
Which approach puts the product in the middle story?
The main point you want to get across to the audience
Format:Simple Statement
Which approach puts an employee as the main character?
Format: Make you laugh
One of 2 Qualifications
Format:Add cred, maybe use a celebrity
The Formula for quality copywrite
One of 2 Qualifications
Format:Keep same spokesperson
3 Product Appeals
Which approach does a informercial take?
Five basic Human Needs

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