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Has a place or location assigned to it that can be mapped
create maps, data analysis, display data, create and manipulate data
Number that occurs the most in a given data set.
Block look, not spatially precise
Discrete seperate items, has gis properties
Linked to a numeric value, Continuous expanse, series of rectangles
Sum values in smaller units to get a grand sum for all units
#5 and most important part
Values exist across space (no gaps), Magnitude at any location can take on infinite set of values
Middle of the data set
Not good for continuous phemonena that vary greatly, Complex analysis (slower)
relationships or connections between features that do not change, even if the features shapes are modified (stretched, shrink, etc)
Linked to a location on Earth
It is spatially precise, Looks nice, Can describe topology
Displayed as equally sized grid cells or pixels, X,y coordinate system
A computer based system for capture storage retrieval analysis display of spatial data
extreme value that differs greatly from the rest of the data
Based on individual Features,
separate or individual entities, Element is absent or present
Can draw calls based on 4 numbers, Easy overlay analysis, Used for imagery like satellite imagery
Store data, organize, and preview
The absolute population divided by the area of the region
Basic Procedure of GIS Step #1

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