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Can you decide in what country you would be if you reversed the coordinates of each of these cities? (For some of these, you would end up in the ocean after coordinate inversion. If this is the case, please name the nearest country.See game note for more)

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CityLocation after Coordinate InversionStarting Coordinates
Colombo, Sri Lanka6.9344° N, 79.8428° E
Las Palmas, Canary Islands (Spain)28.1500° N, 15.4167° W
Lisbon, Portugal38.7139° N, 9.1394° W
Mogadishu, Somalia2.0333° N, 45.3500° E
Montevideo, Uruguay34.8836° S, 56.1819° W
Samarkand, Uzbekistan39.7000° N, 66.9833° E
Bouvet Island (Norway)54.4300° S, 3.3800° E
Georgetown, Ascension Island (U.K.)7.9286° S, 14.4117° W
Heard Island (Australia)53.0000° S, 73.5000° E
Tristan da Cunha (U.K.)37.1167° S, 12.2833° W
Dakar, Senegal14.6928° N, 17.4467° W
Puerto Montt, Chile41.4667° S, 72.9333° W
Los Angeles, CA, United States34.0500° N, 118.2500° W
Muscat, Oman23.6100° N, 58.5400° E
CityLocation after Coordinate InversionStarting Coordinates
Male, Maldives4.1753° N, 73.5089° E
San Felix Island (Chile)26.292° S, 80.095° W
Trindade Island (Brazil)20.5250° S, 29.3250° W
Easter Island (Chile)27.1167° S, 109.3667° W
Conakry, Guinea9.5092° N, 13.7122° W
Chagos Archipelago (U.K.)6.0000° S, 71.5000° E
Praia, Cap Verde 14.9180° N, 23.5090° W
Victoria, Seychelles4.6167° S, 55.4500° E
Stanley, Falkland Islands (U.K.)51.6921° S, 57.8589° W
Quito, Ecuador0.2333° S, 78.5167° W
Brasilia, Brazil15.7939° S, 47.8828° W
Lima, Peru12.0433° S, 77.0283° W
Luanda, Angola8.8383° S, 13.2344° E
Perth, Australia31.9522° S, 115.8589° E

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