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QUIZ: Can you name the Words with 'mis' in them?

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youngest of Dumas' musketeers
hatred of women or girls
evidence that is reliable and relevant is considered this
one who believes of entering into marriage with more than one person
the outer layer of the skin
1980 Atari arcade classic
science that deals with matter and the changes it undergoes
pregnancy that ends on its own within first 20 weeks of gestation
to permit or cause to leave
the equator separates the globe into these two areas
Tom Cruise 1996 spy thriller
to make a wrong choice, blunder or misinterpret
standing beneath this holiday plant often results in a kiss
this person expects the worst possible outcome
state containing longest river in the U.S.
Tiger and Jesse James had more than one of these
Sporcle games consisting of various diverse subjects would fall under this category
The 'Iceman' Chuck Liddell might defeat you by knockout or this
short, sleeveless garment for women
criminal act less serious than a felony
2006 Nelly Furtado hit featuring Timbaland
Italian dessert made with mascarpone cheese and espresso
a collector of coins or money
an interval between parts of a play or movie
receiving 6 cards in a game of Five Card Stud results in this
gas or gases released as result of fuel combustion
a declaration that one will do or refrain from doing something
Rankin/Bass 1974 'A Year Without a Santa Claus' feuding brothers
an error in naming a person or thing
someone who strives to be similar or identical

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