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Please forgive me baby for I''ve sinned.
Lets take a trip to outer space.
Ya actin' like you don't even know my name.
I am starstruck.
Bored, stoned, sitting in your basement all alone.
How do I recover from these pictures in my head?
Not in the back of my car, ah, ah.
I'm sick and tired of the mess you made me.
You wanna lift me off my feet, parakeet.
I'm keeping quite the collection, take nothing less than perfection.
I like you, don't want to marry you.
Got me lost, got me hooked.
Lickin' their lips 'cause its top notch.
When you walked right by, felt your breath on my neck.
you're like a magician, i can tell you got tricks up your sleeve.
The whiskey rocks how you caught my eye.
Just fighting to get through the night.
An O-L-D-M-A-N, your just an old man.
Tell the world what I believe
Think things have getting too attached I need an escape.
At some point this darkness is bound to fade today.
What makes you tick... what makes you cry.. what makes you sick.. what's on your mind.
Cuz I got 10 on my left tryin to get me at the disco 20 in my right tryin to take me to a rock show 30 in the back tryin harder and the list goes on and on,goes on and on.
When rhythm takes control I am invincible.
Wake up in the morning looking greener than shrek.
I'll find a way to close the door I want to say so much more but I found you once, you're lost again two thousand miles took what could have been.
There's a ghost under the table.
Ohh, mmmh on fire. burn burn.
I'm left here with myself and I wonder what went wrong.
i was too young to get in so i stood by the backdoor where the band goes in, that's when i saw him.. oh my god. is that really you, ben? i'd do anything to get in.
You're the one with eyes like windows nothing you can't hide that i don't know.
Nothings real and nothing matters Fell apart the pieces scattered.
'Cause I'm talkin' 'bout all the ways that you've messed up.
Oh boy I just can wait for history class.
(kiss) And twist (kiss) and twist.
My best friend Sarah went to Europe for the summer. My brother got kicked out of school, aw bummer!
So if ya wanna go, then ya know oh.
Pull over quick! I need a quick fix. I need a fix.
I never knew about your red horns I never saw your evil start.
Can I tell you a secret? Oh oh you promise that you'll keep it? Oh oh cross your heart, not a soul, there's so much that you don't know (You don't even know).
Mah-bah I said turkey jerky. Mah-bah I said turkey, turkey, jerky [x6]. Turkey jerky
Your my object of affection. My drug of choice, my sick obsession
I'm freaking out I'm feeling stuck, I tell myself to lighten up.
When the dark of the night comes around that's the time. That the animal comes alive, looking for something wild.
You took my hand. Remember you told me it would be okay I trusted you to hold my heart, but fate is pulling me away from you.
But the party don't stop, no.
No it ain’t no scene for me.
Maybe I need some rehab, or maybe just need some sleep.

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