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Can you name the Roger Smith's fact (from American Dad)?

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TV show he enjoys where characters keeps saying 'B***h', and 'S**t'
He get that person pregnant while Stan is trying to become deacon
He falls in love with this one-eyed con man
As a car salesman he's trying to win a trip to that place
He and Stan lose this game and the 200,000 $ they planned to spend on Francine's surgery.
To escape Street Racers pursuing Stan, Francine and him, He decides to destroys his collection of ___ _______ discs.
Since he can't spell 'Professor Guggenheim', he changes his name for Professor ...
He partner with that person to win the figure skating competition
Where did he land when he came to earth in the 1940's
Instrument he's playing in Steve's band
The name of the kid beating him up after Steve rejected him
Who is he trying to catch as bounty hunter Horse Renoir
What's his inspector's name when paired up with Steve.
What is Chilly playing with Stan, Ray and Bad Larry ?
What happen to him if he tries to be nice all the time ?
Tearjerker's movie
What's his name as a journalist ?
How much money does he gets for harassing himself ?
Which 'celebrity' is killed at his spring break party ?
How old does he turns in the beginning of season 4 ?
What's the name of the 'person' stealing money from his credit card ?
What does he yell after disarming the bomb at the CIA telethon ?
How does he calls Steve by mistake ? (Name of another family's kid.)
His character as the chairman of the homeowners' association.
He exchange characters with this person and get tricked into signing an internship attestation
The only reccurent character who knows he's an alien without being told.
His favorite magician
Dressed as EmmiLou Sugarbean, he wins the pie contest because he used _____ and _____ instead of soggy napkins and gerbil meat.
Before discovering he was nothing more than a Crash Test Dummy, he thought he was ...
He get power over that island after the true dictator dies
What's the name of his 2 sons (as wedding planner Jeanie Gold)
His horse's name
Title of the movie he's trying to remake with Steve and his friends
He won an olympic gold medal in 1980... what sport was he playing ?
How much time does it takes him to become a dirty cop (according to Stan)
He's sent to this counrty after Stan discover he's trying to kill them because of the roast.
He introduce the 100th episode saying we're going to discover ....
After using turkish emphetamines, he freaks out and sees Klaus as....
His halloween costume as he set the serial killers free
The name of the chef he hires when he opens his japanese restaurant.
He order a cotton-candy shooter using a stolen credit card, who's card is it ?
Who does Jenny Fromdabloc have sex with
What does he sells with Steve (who is doing all the work), while Francine is working at the CIA.
He receives a magical pair of shorts that help him seduce a popular signer, who is it ?
After stealing a Limo, he plans to kill _ peoples for $__ .
Alien hunter he's trying to seduce and finally dissect him
What's the name of his super-positive asian character who steal daggers to kill the Anti-Christ
What did he used as a pimp cup , which allowed Stan to become christian again.
In how many episodes do we see his golden turd ?
Who's voicing him ?

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