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Hint #1AnswerHint #2
These cities hate each otherStart a debate and it goes for pages
Owner of the siteLoves H2Orange and Minicoopers
The burger champ of the websiteAlso uses the color orange
GIF champion of the boardKnown as the best poster around
Huge Pittsburgh Steelers fanGives an abundance of news on recruits
The whipping boy of the 2011 seasonStarted 52 games at UT
The proper term doing something stupidSheep
Biggest liar in board historyRap, Tornadoes, Rangers, Shoes, Oil, etc
Most asked about poster at tailgatesDog laying in a green field with bluebonnets
Proper term for NebraskaDon't play em anymore but I still hate em
Picked up the LHN right before WyomingSan Antonio Spurs Arena
Older men are never supposed to wear thisA T-Shirt is acceptable
When a picture of an attractive lady is postedThis is what most members 'would' do
Where the best story in OB history endedHooked up with a waitress from
Kids who decommit must endure thisIt is very real
Hint #1AnswerHint #2
Talks about himself in the 3rd personJames Brown
His commitment is the record for people onlineFebruary 1, 2012
The record number of people online isFebruary 1, 2012
Worst website to link an article toYou won't be taken serious if you link to here
The one color UT should never wearOld guys hate when this color is mentioned
Known to frequent the message boardsThe head mans main lady
The only acceptable answer to A&M fansScore
5 Star DT commited to Texas2013
These threads are always quick to disappearGonna only pick up the next couple of weeks
Educates our youngKeeps Texas alive even in Washington
CaliforniaNew motto - In The Meat
Overrated or hotCarls. Jr commercial
Funniest website on the internetAlways fun to laugh at them over there
The lamest excuse to Gilberts strugglesInvolved his eyes
The tallest commit so far in the 2013 classTight End

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