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Can you name the teams these Browns losses happened against?

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How the misery happened:Team
1999: Browns choke away five-point lead with :05 left to Akili Smith
2001: Refs questionably review a fourth down conversion after the next play was arguably ran, casuing fans to have 'drinking problem'
2001: Up 21-7 with less than a minute to play, the Browns allow a TD, fail to recover an onside kick or last-second hail mary, then in OT, the first pass is picked off and ran back
2002: In the Browns only playoff game since returning, they 'prevent' themselves from winning after holding a 24-7 lead.
2002: After thinking he made a tacke to end the game, Dwayne Rudd takes his helmet off, extending the game to allow a field goal with no time left.
2003: The Browns keep this high-powered offense 'coralled,' but still lose 9-6 on a last-second field goal.
2003: When you give up only 168 yds., that's good, but we still lost 13-6 after committing 5 turnovers.
2004: A game that was so boring, that when Olindo Mare kicked the game-winning field goal, Cleveland fans cheered the end of the game, even though their team lost.
How the misery happened:Team
2004: Kelly Holcomb throws for 5 TDs as the Browns put up 48 points. Still lose by ten, though.
2007: Phil Dawson kicked a FG, but a last-second timeout 'froze' him and he misses the second try. Browns lose by two.
2009: The Browns knock down a last-second pass in the endzone, but commit a penalty to allow another try at it. Matt Stafford completes the second throw in extra time and the Brown
2009: Shaun Rogers blocks what would be the go-ahead PAT, but we still lose in OT
2010: Jake Delhomme throws away the season opener in the fourth-quarter
2011: A quick snap by rookie Andy Dalton give WR A.J. Green his only catch against the Browns, who lose the lead they held all game.
2011: The snap of a potential game-winning FG attempt bounces off the leg of Alex Mack before Phil Dawson shanks a 22-yd. try.

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