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What was Ted's nickname in seminary?
What is the name of the character that Graham Norton plays?
Where does Jessop the sarcastic priest get trapped in during his visit?
Where was the Lourdes money resting?
Bishop Brennan has a huge phobia of what?
What is Ted's brothers occupation?
In 'A Christmassy Ted' what award does Ted win?
In the same episode, when Mrs. Doyle is trying to guess the priests name, what is her very first guess?
What is the full name of Dick Byrne's 'sidekick'?
What does Mrs Doyle suggest bishop Brennan will be if he does not have a cup of tea when everyone else is having one?
What is the full name of the new milkman who mrs doyle has a soft spot for?
Finish the quote from Mrs Doyle: 'Pat is wondering if he can put his massive tool .... ....... ....... ?
What is the name of the horse that Ted is cheering as he is listening to the race on the radio?
In the episode 'and God created woman' what does the author Polly Clarke decide to become?
Ted says that the man who introduced him to Father Stone said 'this is father Stone' and then he did what?
What is the next line? Teamaster really takes the misery out of making tea.
When ted and dougal are protesting against a film what does Ted's placard say?
And what does Dougal's placard say?
What is Eoin Mclove's terrible secret?
Ted gives up Cigarettes, Jack gives up alcohol, what does Dougal give up?
In the episode 'the mainland' who does Graham Norton's character put on his 'list of enemies'?
Word for word, what is Ted's plan for getting Dougal off the soon-to-explode milkfloat?
What couple/shop owners that frequently appear in the show should really not be together?
Who always has a stroke of bad luck when ted tries to call him on his mobile?
According to Ted's friend, you have more chance of being killed by a herd of what, than being killed in a plane crash?
In the all-priest-look-a-like competition, who do Ted, Jack and Dougal all dress up as?
When Ted tries to rig a raffle, what ticket number is Dougal given?
What is Dougal's answer when asked this question by Ted? 'Dougal do we have any incense?'
What does Dougal frequently call Bishop Brennan which really annoys him?
Who does Ted look like when he is standing in the window which has an unfortunately placed, perfectly square piece of black dirt on it?
When three priests are coming to visit them, what sentence does Ted teach Jack to say?
What does Bishop Brennan have in America?
Father Stone gets struck by lightening where?
When Jack is thought to be dead, how much money is left to Ted and Dougal altogether?
When Ted and Dougal are sitting in the opticians waiting for Jack, Dougal asks if he could die from what?

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