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Setting objectives and making sure you achieve them
S part of SWOT
W part of SWOT
O part of SWOT
T part of SWOT
Outlining who the business is, what it does, and where it is going
Long term plan covering 5 + years
Shorter term plan
Back up plan
S part of SMART
M part of SMART
A part of SMART
R part of SMART
T part of SMART
Bringing people and resources together to achieve a common objective
Structure where departments are organised on the basis of who does what
Structure where business divisions based on where they operate around the world
Structure where workers work across teams and projects
Knowing who is your superior and who to report to
Number of employees that report directly to one manager
Comparing actual performance with desired performance and correcting deviations that may arise
Stock system where deliveries arrive as needed
Checking and reviewing stock regularly to ensure it meets required standards
TQM- 100% perfection and 100% customer satisfaction
Discussion groups made up of workers in a business who discuss the job and make suggestions for improving performance

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