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The transfer of ideas from one person to another with the aim that the receiver will understand, give feedback, and act if necessary
Type of information in a business within such as face to face meetings and noticeboards
Type of information in a business outside such as letters to banks and notices to customers
A barrier to communication- not using appropriate words or termonology
A barrier to communication- not picking the correct moment to deliver the message
A barrier to communication- not using the correct method to deliver the message
A website or system has a bug
Gaining sensitive information from unsuspecting users
A professional network that allows users to communicate with one another
Act set up in 1988 and 2003 to protect individuals privacy
The person with whom the information is about
The holder of the information
Responsible for enforcing the Acts
Held once a year, AGM
Matter of urgency, EGM
A meeting that takes place at short notice
Draws up notice for a meeting, guides discussion and organises voting process
Sends out the notice, takes minutes, and sets up the meeting

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