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The process of how plans are made and resources are organised to achieve objectives
A skill that enables you to give responsibility to others
The ability to influence the behaviour and actions of others in the pursuit of certain goals through processes like guidance and communication
My way or the high way- individual control
Your opinion matters to me- encourage to share thoughts and play a role in decision making
Ability to make choices- managers facilitate and provide targets and you own the decision making
The way of getting people to do something for you because they want to
The inventor of a Motivational Pyramid in 1970
As one need it satisfied, the next becomes the dominant motivator- use this scale
Basic Needs to survive- e.g. Food and Water
Feel comfortable and secure- e.g. Job Security
Fitting into your job, feel loved -e.g.Feel part of a team
Recognition for work- e.g. Promtion
Fulfilling your potential
Inventor of a motivational Theory in 1960
Theory Style 1- boss people
Theory Style 2- believe in people

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