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Cause of Industrial Relations Dispute- most common
Cause of Industrial Relations Dispute where staff lose their job due to cutbacks
Cause of Industrial Relations Dispute where somebody gets upgraded in their job unfairly
Cause of Industrial Relations Dispute about who does what in a job, where peoples roles are unclear
How many days notice must you give for an official strike?
The voting system for strikes
Type of strike with no notice given, illegal
Temporarily stopping work for a short time
Doing the least amount of work possible as part of an Industrial Dispute
Third Part helps solve a dispute, not legally binding
Third Party helps solve a dispute, legally binding
Employees and Trade Unions walking up and down outside a workplace during a strike
The court of last resourt
Set up to improve industrial relations under The Industrial Relations Act 1990
Act set up making it illegal to discriminate workers in areas such as age, race, gender etc..
Pointing out to workers there errors in work, the first part of a procedure under The Unfair Dismissal Act 1977-2007
Improper behaviour of an employee, such as theft
Harassing an employee, forcing them to leave the job, illegal
Union that represents all Trade Unions (ICTU)
The elected staff representative who meets with the union

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