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A person who buys goods and services for their own use
A good doing what it is supposed to do,it is of selling quality, example a watch telling the time
Relying on sellers knowledge that a good will do what it is designed for
A good matches the description that is in the catalogue
A person must be ........ to provide this service, they have the necessary skillset
No Refunds would be one of these
Selling goods to a person who has not ordered them, another term for unsolicited goods
Form of redress where you get your money back
Form of redress where they fix a damaged or faulty product
Form of redress where a faulty good is swapped for a working one
Set up on October 31st 2014 to empower consumers and protect their rights (CCPC)
Let the buyer beware, you are responsible for checking quality and suitability of goods before purchasing
Association that acts as an interest group for consumers (CAI)
Where consumers bring a retailer to try and sort out a complaint in a legislative way, largest amount you can sue for is 2000 euro
Contact this person if you have a complaint with government departments

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