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Can you name the Junior Cert Business: Borrowing Money?

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Getting money from places like the bank but will have to pay it back
Full rate of interest (APR)
Fixed rate of interest charged
Day to day expenditure
Long term expenditure
Spending more money than is in your account, provided you have permission from the bank
Small plastic cards issued by the bank that allows you to purchase goods on credit
The total amount you can go over
Charged on repayments
You run into this if you don't pay money back
Buy now, pay later
Source of finance up to one year
Source of finance up to 5 years
Source of finance 5+ years
Renting an item and WILL own after final payment
Renting an item and WON'T own ever
Long term loan to buy a house
Anybody who cannot repay loans are declared......
What happens your possessions if you cannot repay
A borrower that shops around is thought to be this type of borrower

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