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QUIZ: Can you name the Insurance Key Terms that we have studied?

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There are 5 of these that relate to insurance
Protection against something that might happen
Protection against something that will happen
What you receive after a loss
I benefit from its existence and suffer from its loss
You must tell the truth when applying for insurance
The insured person cannot make a profit from insurance
The insurance company will share the loss if insured with more than one company
All savage rights pass to the insurance company
Person who calculates insurance premiums based on risk involved
Investigate the damage
The actual contract of insurance which contains all necessary details such as age, medical history etc
This is the price paid for insurance
Reduction in a premium if the insured person has not made a claim on the policy
Increase in a premium due to an extra risk, e.g. Smoking for health insurance
Sum Insured/ True Value x
Limits the value of the claim if you are under insured.
Taken out over an agreed period of time giving a lump sum to you as the insured person if you live past an agreed period of time or will pay an agreed amount if the insured person
Insurance on your home
Insurance on the things inside your home
Insurance on what you drive
Insurance that covers just the other driver
Insurance that covers you and the other driver
What you fill out to apply for insurance
Self-employed individual selling insurance on behalf of many different insurance companies

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