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Effort that you do get paid for
Effort that you do not get paid for
A form of business set up by one individual, e.g. Moe's Tavern
Setting up a business under a licence agreement in return for a fee, e.g. McDonalds/Starbucks
The sector where Enterprises are owned by the government
The sector where Enterprises are owned by individuals
The person who founded Microsoft
The name we give people who take the risk and set up a business
The name we give the person inside a business who takes the risk on behalf of the business in setting up an enterprise
Stage 1 in researching your business
A 4 letter type of analysis in researching a business
How we identify customer needs and try to satisfy them at a profit
The people we aim our products and services at are known as our
Product, Price, Place, Promotion are known as the...
Primary Market Research involving asking people yourself for information
Secondary Market Research involving using what already exists
Dividing your target market into smaller groups is known as Market...
The three sectors of the economy are Primary, Secondary, and...
The ways to transport finished products to the consumer
Where large bulky goods are sold

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