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Name the 4 types of renal replacement therapy (alphabetical order):
A water soluble organic compound formed by the metabolism of proteins, and is excreted in the urine:
A protein produced by muscle which healthy kidney's filter out:
What happens to potassium as GFR decreases?
How do you treat the above potassium problem?
What happens to bicarbonate as GFR decreases?
What does this cause?
What happens to phosphate as GFR decreases?
This then causes what to decrease?
What can happen as a result?
How can GFR be measured?
A continuing deterioration in renal function to ESRF will occur when GFR is less than what? (ml/min)
If not treated, this can become a vicious circle in renal failure:
Name the type of drug that is used to help treat the above (with volume overload):
Give an example of that type of drug:
If someone doesn't respond to the above, what can be added for synergystic effect?
What is dangerous if >7mmol/L?
Best treatment for the above?
It is very important that people on peritoneal dialysis do not become what?
Name a treatment for anaemia in CKD:
Name another treatment for anaemia in CKD:
Normochromic/ normocytic anaemia of CKD does not respond to what?
Target Hb when treating renal anaemia (g/L):
Aluminium hydroxide, Calcium salts, Lanthanum and Sevelamer are all used to treat what?
What drugs are people often put on before transplantation?
If we were to use parenteral nutrition in a patient with renal failure, what must we be careful not to do?
What type of diuretic do we NOT want to give in renal failure?
Normal Na range (mmol/L):
Normal K range (mmol/L):
Normal HCO3 range (mmol/L):
Normal Ca range (mmol/L):
Normal PO4 range (mmol/L):
Normal Urea range (mmol/L):
Normal Cr range (mcmol/L):
Normal Hb range (g/dl): MEN
Normal pH range:
Type of dialysis that can be done at home:

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