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Can you name the Lyrics to the MGMT song 'Time To Pretend'?

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Time To PretendLyrics
I'm feelin' ______
i'm feelin' ______
i'm in the ______ of my life
Let's make some ______
Make some ______
Find some ______for Wives
I'lll Move to ______
Shoot some _______
and **** with the ____
You man the _____
and the ____
and the _______cars
This is our ______
To live fast and die _____
We've got the ________
Now let's have some ____
Yeah, it's__________________
But what else can we do, Get ____in offices
and wake up for the morning _____
Forget about our ______
and our ______
We're fated to _______
I'll miss the ________
Time To PretendLyrics
and the _____
and digging up ______
I'll miss the ______of my mother
and the _____ of the world
I'll miss my _____
miss my _______
miss my ____
and my _____
Yeah, i'll miss the ______
and the ________
and the time spent _____
There is really ______
_____ we can do
____must be forgotten
____can't always start over new
The models will have ______
we'll get a _______
we'll find some more ______
everything must run its ________
we'll choke on our _____
and that will be the _____
we were fated to ______

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