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QUIZ: Can you type in the missing words in these verbs?

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Je ______I eat / I am eating
Nous ______ pasWe do NOT buy / We are NOT buying
______ ______They (m.) sell / They are selling
______ ______She finishes / She is finishing
Il ne ______ ______He does NOT eat / He is NOT eating
Tu ______You (s.) buy / You are buying
______ ______You (pl.) sell / You are selling
______ ______We finish / We are finishing
______ ______ mangerYou (s.) are going to eat
______ ______ ______ She is going to buy
Vous ______ ______ ______ You (pl.) are NOT going to sell
____ ____ ___ ____ finirI am NOT going to finish
____ ____ achetéThey (f.) have bought
______ ______ ______ mangéWe have NOT eaten
______ ______ ______One has sold
______ ______ ______ finiYou (s.) have NOT finished
Allez-vous ______?Are you (pl.) going to eat?
___ - __ - ____ finir?Is he going to finish?
______ - ______ ______?Have you (s.) sold?
Ont-elles ______ ?Have they (f.) bought?

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