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QUIZ: Can you name the verbs in the 5T French Verb - Mich 4 (2013)

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She does NOT chooseElle ___ ____ ____
Are you (s.) lifting? ____-tu?
Are you (pl.) going to call?__ - __ appeler?
She is going to lift ___ ____ lever
I call _'_______
They (m.) do NOT waitIls n'________ pas
Is he going to lift?__-__-__ lever?
You (s.) have chosen __ ___ choisi
I have NOT lifted __ _'__ ___ levé
Have you (s.) waited?____ - ___ ____?
You (s.) are NOT going to call Tu ne vas pas ______
Are we choosing?______-nous?
We have called____ ______ ______
Are they (m.) waiting? _____-____?
Is he calling? _____-t-il?
You (pl.) are going to wait____ ______ ______
I am NOT going to choose Je __ ___ ___ ____
Have they (f.) chosen? ____ - ___ ____?
We liftNous _____
One has NOT waited On n'a pas ______

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