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'Why did you allow Sir Humphrey to come in here when I explicitly told you not to?' 'Well, I couldn't stop him' 'Why not?' 'He's bigger than me'Jim Hacker & Bernard Woolley
'Bishops tend to have long lives. Apparently the Lord isn't all that keen on them to join him'Sir Humphrey Appleby
'Sun readers don't care who runs the country, as long as she's got big tits'Bernard Woolley
'It would be different if the Government were a team, but in fact they're a loose confederation of warring tribes.'Permanent Secretary for Health
'Yes Humphrey, there is something I want to talk to you about. Something very secret. Uhm...' 'Would it be easier if I wasn't here?'Jim Hacker & Sir Humphrey Appleby
'Bernard, if the right people don’t have power, do you know what happens? The wrong people get it!'Sir Humphrey Appleby
'Now about nailing that leak...' 'I'm sorry to be pedantic, but if you nail a leak you make another'Jim Hacker & Bernard Woolley
'Isn't it a bad idea to be associated with actors? I mean, their job is pretending to be what they're not and if you're seen with them, well, people might realise...'Bernard Woolley
'Sandwich Golf Course? I didn't read that in the paper' 'No, of course not: there was a cover-up. The members just found a new bunker on the 7th fairway the next day.'Bernard Woolley & Jim Hacker
'Who has the last word about the government of Britain? The British Cabinet or the American President?' 'I think it is the British Cabinet. But I know I am in the minority'Jim Hacker & Sir Humphrey Appleby
'The interview was over. We were just chatting, harmlessly' 'Harmlessly?' 'It was off-the-record!' 'It was on the tape!'Sir Humphrey Appleby & Bernard Woolley
'You are the Cabinet Secretary. You must insist that we get papers circulated earlier' 'Alas, there are grave problems about circulating papers before they are written'Jim Hacker & Sir Humphrey Appleby
'Are you suggesting that I give confidential information to the press' 'Certainly not, Arnold. This is confidential disinformation' 'Ah, that is different'Sir Arnold Robinson & Sir Humphrey Appleby
'I think education is extremely important. It could lose me the next election.' 'Ah! In my naivety, I thought you were concerned about the future of our children.'Jim Hacker & Sir Humphrey Appleby
'Don't we ever get our own way with the French?' 'Well, sometimes.' 'When was the last time?' 'Battle of Waterloo, 1815'Jim Hacker & Sir Humphrey Appleby
'Who knows Foreign Office secrets, apart from the Foreign Office?' 'That's easy. Only the Kremlin'Jim Hacker & Bernard Woolley

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