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Which MLB team has won the most World Series Titles? A.) Athletics B.) Cardinals C.) Yankees D.) Dodgers
Which NBA team has won the most NBA Championships? A.) Lakers B.) Celtics C.) Spurs D.) Heat
Which NFL team has won the most Super Bowls? A.) 49ers B.) Cowboys C.) Steelers D.) Patriots
Who is the NBA player that holds the record for most points in a single game? A.) Wilt Chamberlain B.) David Thompson C.) Michael Jordan D.) Kobe Bryant
Who leads the MLB in most career home runs? A.) Hank Aaron B.) Barry Bonds C.) Babe Ruth D.) Willie Mays
Who is the Super Bowl Trophy named after? A.) Bart Starr B.) Joe Montana C.) Mike Ditka D.) Vince Lombardi
Which school has won the most BCS Championships? A.) USC B.) UCLA C.) Florida D.) Alabama
What was the 1992 USA Olympic Basketball Team known as? A.) The Star Team B.) The Elites C.) The Dream Team D.) The Big 3
What professional sport Michael Jordan vacate his NBA career for 2 years to play? A.) Baseball B.) Soccer C.) Football D.) Rugby
Which NBA team won the 2013 NBA championship? A.) Lakers B.) Thunder C.) Spurs D.) Heat

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