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Can you name the countries whose names contain the answers?

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ClueCountry whose name contains the answerExtra clue
Frozen water3 letters
Boxer, Muhammad ___3 letters
Crazy3 letters
L.A. ___/___ and Order3 letters
Used to open a lock3 letters
Point scored in Baseball or Cricket3 letters
Eve was created from Adam's3 letters
Friend, mate3 (starts with P)
Crude or makeshift dwelling or shelter, shack.3 (starts with H)
Extinct ostrich like bird of New Zealand3 (starts with M)
'My ____ Is Earl'4 letters
Short skirt or small car4 (starts with M)
Sleeveless cloak4 (starts with C)
Earnestness or fervour in advancing a cause4 (starts with Z)
'The Trail of the Lonesome ____'4 letters
Currency of Iran, Oman & Yemen4 (starts with R)
Slang word for nothing (orig. Spanish)4 (starts with N)
Boxing or wrestling match4 (starts with B)
Great renown/80's film & TV series4 (starts with F)
Kitchen appliance used for cooking4 (starts with O)
Unkind or miserly4 (starts with M)
Suffering or distress of body or mind4 (starts with P)
Completed, cooked, over4 (starts with D)
Sharp point projecting in an opposite direction from the main point of a fishhook, arrow, etc4 (starts with B)
ClueCountry whose name contains the answerExtra clue
Paul ____, singer who wrote 'My Way'4 letters
Famous 'Born Free' Lioness4 (starts with E)
Female Irish singer4 (starts with E)
Defer action or departure4 (starts with W)
Numerous4 (starts with M)
To perform a song4 letters
Female Punk singer, ____ Bondage4 (starts with B)
Heavy medieval club with a spiked metal head4 letters
Grain, usu. barley, used in brewing/____ liquor4 (starts with M)
Expressing pleasure, happy4 (starts with G)
Gentleman, abbr.4 letters
Inhabitant of the capital city of Italy5 letters
Extremely angry, enraged5 (starts with I)
Volatile liquid produced by action of acids on alcohol5 (starts with E)
Beer mug (orig. German)5 (starts with S)
Militant Palestinian Islamist organisation5 (starts with H)
Spanish and portuguese word meaning 'black'5 (starts with N)
Not private6 letters
Old British coin, worth twenty-one shillings6 (starts with G)
A rugged range of mountains having an irregular or jagged profile6 (starts with S)
Relating to, or located in the interior part of a country or region6 (starts with I)
King of Israel known for his wisdom7 letters
Official in charge of ceremonies or a military officer7 British, 8 U.S. (starts with M)
Syrup made from pomegranates9 (starts with G)

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