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ClueCountry whose name contains the answerExtra clue
Limbbody part
Lowermost part of the facebody part
A microorganism that produces disease in animals or plantsbiology
Mark left by healed woundbiology
2000 or 2240 pounds (depending on your side of the pond)weight
Film director, Sergiosurname
Eartha ____ (or Michael Knight's car)surname
Billie Jean or Martin Luthersurname
Wahlberg/Hamillfirst name
Van Gogh/Pricefirst name
de Havilland/Newton-Johnfirst name
Oldman/Numanfirst name
Collins/Spectorfirst name
Fawkes/Ritchiefirst name
Actress Hayworthfirst name
Singer Turnerfirst name
Aykroyd/Darefirst name
Meyer/Conwayfirst name
Malone/Yosemitefirst name
___ and Dean/___is Joplinfirst name
Barbie & ___first name
Cruise/___ & Jerryfirst name
Big ___/___ Nevisfirst name
____ Laurel & Oliver Hardyfirst name
Corleone/Quixotefirst name
ClueCountry whose name contains the answerExtra clue
___ and eggs/West ___ Unitedfood
Traffic ___/Strawberry ___food
'Yellow turnip'food
Cob, penbird
Plunges, especially head first, into water5 letters
___ Fink/Vampire ___mammal
Withered old lady5 letters
Type of antelope 5 letters
National airline of Spain6 letters
The young of a lion, wolf or bear___ Scout
Atom ___/Adam ___insect
Pellets of frozen rainweather
Left hand side of shipnavigation
Sicilian volcano4 letters
Western African country 4 letters
Arab country4 letters
Stick or baton used by magicians4 letters
____ of David/Shooting ____astronomy
True ____/____ sickemotion
Another name for a settee or couch4 letters
Where the devil residesnot Texas
German car manufacturer4 letters
Frying ___, or The Greek god of shepherds3 letters
Women's undergarment (abbr.)3 letters

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