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Can you name the Avantasia songs when given their first line?

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First LineSong TitleAlbum
We have roamed the planes a million years
Your mind to infinity, let reason rivet on your feet
Hey redeemer, now what's become of me?
Fire falling from the sky, rage of God is coming down
How could I let it get this far?
There'll be fireworks tonight
The dial by the night seems like what it used to be
A heart out of affection, a night at the masquerade
You turn off the light, you won't make no difference
Heading for another life in a new world far away
Come in from the wastelands, full of reason, common sense
I'm just a loser in this game of love
Where do I go?
Young is the day, still it's the same
Sold my soul for diamonds and reasons for acclaim
First LineSong TitleAlbum
You're awake in your darkest dreams
Yes, in the darkness of the night I know there's someone near me
One of a kind they say they've never seen before
I am the master of a game that made a fool of you
No one round to hear your cries
Through the shimmer on this cold alley paving
Jesus Christ I'm coming, terrestrial home
Goodbye, your pocket full of dreams
I never wanted guidance to tell me where to find
Living in the darkness, what a cold and lonely night
I remember it was long ago
You'll be running out of miracles like I'm running out of dreams
A dream of dwelling inside
Home to the land of the living, roused by a sound I confide
Days had come, winters had gone

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