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Can you name the answers for each letter of 'TARDIS'?

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The 4th, scarf-wearing Doctor 
The Doctor's race 
Episode involving a time beetle, where Catherine Tate's character changed her life's course 
What 'TARDIS' stands for 
The river where the Slitheen family crashed and released a 'space pig' 
Doctor Who spinoff show, which is an anagram of Doctor Who 
The Daleks' method of transportation on Satellite 500 
In 'Blink', the Doctor's machine which goes 'DING' when there's stuff 
The final evolution of the human race, aka, the spheres 
Emergency form of transport, used by Dalek Caan 
Surname of Freema, who played Martha Jones 
Living fat 
Waitress on board the Titanic, whose first name is an anagram of TARDIS 
The Weeping ?????? 
Character played by Peter Kay 
A plastic dummy controlled by the Nestene Consciousness 
The race responsible for the phrase 'Prisoner Zero has escaped' 
The episode where we first meet Clara Oswin Oswald 
The tenth Doctor's french catchphrase 
Rory Williams' wife 
Aka Melody Pond 
The home planet of the Slitheen family 
The 9th Doctor's first episode 
Empress of the ??????? 
Creatures that appear with wounds in time, and also eat the ninth Doctor 
What was the ninth doctor's first on-screen word? 
The nickname given to the 11th Doctor by his scottish companion 
What the 9th Doctor called Mickey Smith 
Something in Cardiff used to refuel the TARDIS 
The object Davros threatened to end all of time itself with 
What runs when a good man goes to war? 
Catherine Tate's character 
Surname of the author who helped the Doctor defeat the Gelth 
The gun used by Trin-ee and Zu-zana to strip Jack's clothes 
Who was the human dalek? 
The tenth Doctor was portrayed by this man 
The Doctor's alter-ego, who threatens the Doctor with a freezing TARDIS and village of elderly aliens 
The final episode of the 2nd series, a double parter with 'Army Of Ghosts' 
The Doctor's advice against the weeping angels 
Silence will fall when the question is asked 
The lonely alien who took over Chloe's body 
The episode which opened the sixth series, where we see the Doctor die 
The nickname for the Mighty Jagrafess, Editor-??-????? 
What follows: 'What in the name of sanity have you got on your head?' 
What follows: 'Dad, I'm 31, I don't have a christmas list anymore' 
The TARDIS is bigger on the... 
The 10th Doctor's last words 
The name of the woman who had the soul of the TARDIS inside of her 
The name of the episode with 'The Wire' 
Hello, [Name this quote]. Basically. Run. 
Ex-companion played by Elisabeth Sladen 
The Doctor's favourite tool that doesn't work with wood 
Have a remarkable resemblance to a potato 
The Doctor's nickname for the TARDIS 
'Hello, ???????' - Melody Pond 
The Daleks, Kaleds and Thals come from this planet, which is also a cult 
Used robot Santas in their christmas invasion 
'Dinosaurs...on a ????? ????!' 
The poet who was not fooled by psychic paper 
What the horse who is called Joshua actually wants to be called 

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