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Can you name the cartoon series given three of its episodes?

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Tish's Hair, The Invited, Tino's Dad
Frankie My Dear, House of Bloo's, Store Wars
The Boy in the Iceberg, Sokka's Master, Bato of the Water Tribe
Where's Perry, Norm Unleashed, Sipping with the Enemy
The Looney Beginning, Fields of Honey, The Acme Home Shopping Show
Sonic Rainboom, A Canterlot Wedding, Feeling Pinkie Keen
The New Ron, A Sitch in Time, Return to Wannaweep
Till Nephews Do Us Part, Wrongway in Ronguay, Magica's Shadow War
Slumber Party Panic, Business Time, I Remember You
Burglar Alarmed, Buttercrush, A Very Special Blossom
The Nightmare Begins, The Wettening, Walk of Doom
Mandarker, Dee Dimensional, Maternal Combat
Cyborg the Barbarian, Detention Mad Mod, Things Change
Darkly Dawns the Duck, Twin Beaks, Quack of Ages
Tourist Trapped, The Hand That Rocks the Mabel, Gideon Rises
De-Zanitized, Taming of the Screwy, King Yakko
Napoleon Brainaparte, Tokyo Grows, Brainania
What a Night for a Knight, Foul Play in Funland, Which Witch is Which?
Hollyrock Here I Come, The Rock Quarry Story, Barney the Invisible
Owl's Feathers, No Rabbit's a Fortress, Easy Come Easy Gopher

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