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QUIZ: Can you name the televsion spin-offs based on these eight-word phrases?

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PhraseShowSpin-off Of
And then there's Bea Arthur (and Rue McClanahan).
Psychiatrist sings about tossed salad and scrambled eggs.
He's officially the candidate for having some fun.
Sgt. Carter's best laid plans always go awry.
Mar's best friend heads back to New York
He loves the country; she's allergic to hay
They do classes on a cruise. Wait, what?
Wisecracking butler gets job at a governor's mansion.
They're moving on up to the East Side.
She always has low esteem for everyone else.
PhraseShowSpin-off Of
He's the terror that flaps in the night
I only want to say... How ya doin'?
Best friends live the single life in Milwaukee.
Not many wanted to knock on their door
A housekeeper becomes housemother at all-girls' boarding school.
Sophia, Rose, and Blanche live together sans Dorothy.
After Andy Taylor leaves, Sam Jones takes charge.
A former vampire now fights demons in Los Angeles.
The mantle of Avatar falls on a Waterbender.
One is a genius, but the other's insane.

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