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QUIZ: Can you name the Echainements, Liaisons etc.?

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A final consonant, not ordinarily pronounced, pronounced before a vowel inside a rhythmic group
A syllable formed by a pronounced final consonant and the starting vowel of the following word
Mon grand amiIs the pronunciation of 'd' here a liaison or an enchainement?
Singular noun + adjective (un plat exquis)Should I liaise?
=What is this symbol used to denote?
[z], [t] and [n] are the most frequent consonants of...
Pronoun + verb (vous êtes)
_What about this one?
Petit ami
Ma grande ami
Determiner + noun/ adjective/ pronoun (Des étudiants, vos enfants)
Interrogative adverb + verb/ pronoun/ noun (Quand est-il venu?)
Adjective + noun (D'anciens amis)
The two types of enchainement (in French please!)Hint: don't use a forward slash, it won't work!
Before 'oui'
Ma douce amie
Mon doux ami
Before H aspire (Des héros)
Verb + pronoun (Allez y)
Elle a neuf ans
Plural of compound nouns (Des machines à coudre)
Preposition or adverb + noun/ adjective/ complement (En hiver, plus important, chez eux)
Postponed on, ils, elles, en + past part/ verb/ complement (Qu'ont-ils écrit?)
After 'et'
Before the numbers un, huit, onze and their derivations

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